9 01 2007

We do not have a disclaimer.  Simply because we do not intend to disclaim anything.  Egad, we might actually end up claiming stuff; hence this Claimer.   

Stuff you read here might be intended to incite controversies. 

If you think anybody referred to here has any resemblance whatsoever to anybody living or dead, that’s your problem.  It just might be based on them, or might even be anything ranging from a caricature to a dyed-in-the-blood honest representation of that anybody. 

We Atoms may generally not agree with one another on anything, but we do collectively recognise that political correctness is a cuss word. 

There shall be no particular attempt to bleep out four lettered words from this blog.  For that matter, we have no animosity whatsoever with words of any number of letters.  Three, five, six, eighteen… bring them on! 

We Atoms are a darned mercurial kind.  Well, sometimes we do seem mellow; but that could just be an attempt to appear so.  If one of us suffers from anything varying from ingrowing toenails to a bad hair day we might take it out in these hallowed precincts.  You’re allowed to feel bad about it and mope, though. 

In short, do not expect propriety in any form, shape or character.  Keep it simple – your expectations, that is.